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Version 2030.820/825 Released - Report Runner Batch and Report Runner Viewer

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This is an update to the major 2030 release from a few weeks ago. It's simple to update from ANY prior release. 

IMPORTANT: Read the following BEFORE updating from 2025 or previous. There's nothing to be afraid of, but it's important you understand the new .Net 4.6 or later requirement and know what to expect to see when upgrading (which most machines already have installed).


Please read what's broadly new to Report Runner 2030, and what is specifically new to each product.

1. 99% of everything will look the same. Outwardly, you’ll notice the application start icons have been tweaked. Icons have not changed inside the apps and nothing has been moved — we don’t do that kind of stuff. There isn’t any major code changes inside the app that will break anything. The biggest thing we did was upgrade the targeted .Net libraries from .Net 4.0 to .Net 4.6. This change has improved speeds of running some reports, and the app itself will probably “feel” about 10% snappier/faster. It also greatly improved memory management (fixed a number of “out of memory” errors with the Crystal runtime engine).

2. Do you use the End of Batch Notification report with any of your batches? Are you using service pack 20 (SP20) or previous of the Crystal runtime engine? If so, the report will fail if you do not have .Net 2 or .Net 3.5 still installed on your machine (this is due to a dependency the ADO.Net XML driver it uses has). There are some automatic fixes for this driver in SP21 and later.

3. The updater will take care of EVERYTHING when you run it. One of the things it will do for you is uninstall the previous version. You WILL get warnings when you go to uninstall the previous version (this is a different behavior than previous versions). You should IGNORE the uninstall warnings and continue. Your DATA is SAFE. Neither the installer or updater will touch your data.

4. Both the updater and full installer have an option to install our new Report Runner Monitor and Debugger. This app requires ZERO configuration. It will display all Report Runner tasks running on the machine (including task IDs). There are also options that make viewing log files and finding logs with errors easier. We highly recommend installing this free add-on.

5. Be sure and read the release notes from 2030.810/815, too. 

6. If you use Event Server, you MUST update to the 2030 edition of Event Server, too. 


  1. NEW: We now support SFTP via key files (PEM, PPK, CER, PUB). Depending on the type of key file, you can combine it with a password (whatever you require). We recommend placing the key files within the Jeff-Net\Report Runner Batch data folder structure. You configure it within your FTP Options.
  2. BUG FIX: We updated one of our external vendor DLLs that we use for FTP and emailing. The initial 2030 release had a major bug due to change in the way the DLL vendor handles text attachments. We have updated again to the latest DLL and we've updated the code to prevent the pasting of text file attachments into the main body of the email. As a bonus, this new DLL adds more support for TLS 1.2 and later.
  3. BUG FIX: Updated Global Monitoring code to remove incorrect quotes from SQL statements
  4. BUG FIX: Created an auto-fix for users who use the option batch job Sort Order field, but don't set them up for all jobs (this will cause batch sorting problems); the auto-fix will not set any blank Sort Order fields to "0".
  5. UPDATE: Added the display of table Owner information (like DBO) within the log files. This will assist us with helping you debug connection issues (especially for non-DBO data sources). 
  6. UPDATE: Added help link to Parameter edit window for users looking for "missing" Expressions (because the data types don't match)
  7. UPDATED: Added and Modified some log file messages
  1. NEW: Email Templates! You can now take a "snapshot" of an email and re-use it later. You can create unlimited templates. They are simple, text-based templates, so once you understand the simple format, you can modify and create new ones outside of the Viewer Mail interface. This feature saves A LOT of time if you do frequent exports and emailing with the Viewer. I'm not sure why we didn't think to implement something like this sooner. Also, if you want to create templates and then hide the Save Template button from the interface, add/set HideSaveTemplateButton=1 in the JNRRV.INI [Options] group.
  2. BUG FIX: Updated Global Monitoring code to remove incorrect quotes from SQL statements
  3. UPDATE: Made slight modification to Viewer database connection info interface to emphasize when an Advanced Data Connection has been created for a report. The main login fields are now hidden, and you'll only see an Edit Advanced Data Connection button. This clears up a lot of ambiguity with the interface.
  4. UPDATE: Added the display of table Owner information (like DBO) within the log files. This will assist us with helping you debug connection issues (especially for non-DBO data sources).
  5. UPDATED: Added and Modified some log file messages
  6. UPDATED: Added the new Templates directory in the Settings folder to the monthly Viewer auto-backups so templates will be backed up monthly.
Downloads page:


Again, be sure and read the release notes for the initial 2030.810/815 update, too.

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