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Version 2030.810/815 Released - Report Runner Batch and Report Runner Viewer (and Monitor and Debugger) - .Net 4.6 or Later Required

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This a major release, but it's simple to update from ANY prior release. 

IMPORTANT: Read the following BEFORE updating. There's nothing to be afraid of, but it's important you understand the new .Net 4.6 or later requirement and know what to expect to see when upgrading.


Please read what's broadly new to Report Runner, and what is specifically new to each product.

1. 99% of everything will look the same. Outwardly, you’ll notice the application start icons have been tweaked. Icons have not changed inside the apps and nothing has been moved — we don’t do that kind of stuff. There isn’t any major code changes inside the app that will break anything. The biggest thing we did was upgrade the targeted .Net libraries from .Net 4.0 to .Net 4.6. This change has improved speeds of running some reports, and the app itself will probably “feel” about 10% snappier/faster. It also greatly improved memory management (fixed a number of “out of memory” errors with the Crystal runtime engine).

2. Do you use the End of Batch Notification report with any of your batches? Are you using service pack 20 (SP20) or previous of the Crystal runtime engine? If so, the report will fail if you do not have .Net 2 or .Net 3.5 still installed on your machine (this is due to a dependency the ADO.Net XML driver it uses has). There are some automatic fixes for this driver in SP21 and later.

3. The updater will take care of EVERYTHING when you run it. One of the things it will do for you is uninstall the previous version. You WILL get warnings when you go to uninstall the previous version (this is a different behavior than previous versions). You should IGNORE the uninstall warnings and continue. Your DATA is SAFE. Neither the installer or updater will touch your data.

4. Both the updater and full installer have an option to install our new Report Runner Monitor and Debugger. This app requires ZERO configuration. It will display all Report Runner tasks running on the machine (including task IDs). There are also options that make viewing log files and finding logs with errors easier. We highly recommend installing this free add-on.

5. If you use Event Server, you MUST update to the 2030 edition of Event Server, too. 


  1. NEW: XLS/XLSX reports can now be "burst" (split) to tabs. This is not a "bursting" feature, though, and it is available to any user. This bursting is initiated via a batch-specific INI setting (TabBurst=YES) within the [XLS/XLSX group]. Other than that settings, all you have to do is put a jn-keyword anywhere within your XL file (jnTabBurst=WhatToNameTab). You need to put one of these keywords at the TOP of the report (to name first tab) and then add the keyword anywhere else you want to put that part of the report on it's own separate tab. A good usage case might be either on Groups or anywhere you have a sub-report inserted. This feature works with any report, so you can use it within either normal or bursting batches. Please note, the only "bug" we have found related to this feature is with charts --- this will not work on reports with charts. The reason is because Crystal creates an image of the chart, and the image is laid "on top" of the XL file (the image is not in a cell). We can only modify/move/control items that are IN cells. 
  2. NEW: jnUserX formulas can now be GLOBAL. There is a new batch-specific INI setting to enable this (MakeJNUserXVarsGlobalInThisBatch=YES). This means you can set jnUserX (1-30) to a value, and if it's never set or changed for the rest of the batch, it will retain the value at the end of a batch. A use case might be a batch of 5 reports with sales numbers for 5 territories. You could jnUser1 for first report, down to jnUser5 for the last report, and show the values of jnUser1-5 in the email body.   
  3. NEW: We added jn-variables for Julian dates (jn_juliantodayYYDDD, jn_julianyesterdayYYDDD, jn_juliantomorrowYYDDD, jn_juliantodayDDD, jn_julianyesterdayDDD, jn_juliantomorrowDDD)
  4. NEW: In the Job Edit window, we added a "toggle" button to the FTP and Sharepoint settings (to toggle options that were previously hidden for cancelling output and setting delimiter values)
  5. UPDATED: We have added 10 additional jnUserX formula variable fields so you can now set/use jnUser1-jnUser30.
  6. UPDATED: CrystalLanguageID batch-specific INI setting can now be set via a jnUserX formula variable.
  7. UPDATED: All of the Discover data can now be exported from the right-click menu
  8. UPDATED: Duplicate log file messages have been removed (we now check to see if previous message equal to current message, and if so, it doesn't get added)
  9. UPDATED: Added and Modified some log file messages
  10. UPDATED: Tuned the function for jn-variable replacement to skip to end of function of "jn" keywords no longer exist
  11. UPDATED: Tweaked timing of start-up and exit messages and sounds
  12. UPDATED: Additional support for TLS 1.2
  13. BUG FIX: When adding/scanning reports for Discover tool, remove pipe symbols from data (this was causing Discover scan to crash)
  14. BUG FIX: Added error checking for corrupted XML files; also, due to this change, if a batch/XML file starts and "crashes" while running in Event Server, it should now get moved correctly to the Error queue (instead of trying to run over and over in Input queue)
  15. BUG FIX: Modified a batch-specific INI function that removes blank lines from output files to prevent it from working on non-text files (based on file extensions)
  16. BUG FIX: Modified a post-processing function for XLS/XLSX files to prevent it from opening these file types if there is no post processing to be done
  1. UPDATED: Duplicate log file messages have been removed (we now check to see if previous message equal to current message, and if so, it doesn't get added)
  2. UPDATED: Added and Modified some log file messages
  3. UPDATED: Additional support for TLS 1.2
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As of November 1st, 2021, this release is no longer in Beta. It is fully released to production.

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