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Version 2030.100 Released - Report Runner Event Server

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This a major release, but it's simple to update from ANY prior release.

IMPORTANT: Read the following BEFORE updating. There's nothing to be afraid of, but it's important you understand the new .Net 4.6 or later requirement and know what to expect to see when upgrading.


1. 99% of everything will look the same. Outwardly, you’ll notice the application start icons have been tweaked. Icons have not changed inside the apps and nothing has been moved — we don’t do that kind of stuff. There isn’t any major code changes inside the app that will break anything. The biggest thing we did was upgrade the targeted .Net libraries from .Net 4.0 to .Net 4.6. This change has improved speeds of running some reports, and the app itself will probably “feel” about 10% snappier/faster. It also greatly improved memory management (fixed a number of “out of memory” errors with the Crystal runtime engine).

2. You need to update/upgrade to Report Runner Batch 2030.810 or later FIRST. Upgrade your Batch software first, THEN upgrade your Event Server software.

3. The installer will take care of EVERYTHING when you run it. One of the things it will do for you is uninstall the previous version. You WILL get warnings when you go to uninstall the previous version (this is a different behavior than previous versions). You should IGNORE any uninstall warnings and continue. Your DATA is SAFE. Neither the installer or updater will touch your data.

4. BEFORE running the update, make sure and note what ID you are using to run the Event Server service. By default, when it gets installed, it will default back to the SYSTEM account. Also pay attention when running the installer as to if you want to enable any of the rule packs (SQL, File, and/or Mail Rules). They are disabled by default.


Event Server:

  1. UPDATED: The Event Server Monitor feature has been tweaked to work the new Report Runner Monitor and Debugger.


    Downloads page:


    As of November 1st, 2021, this release is no longer in beta. It is fully released to production.

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