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Version 2020.5s Released - Report Runner Web Portal

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Web Portal:

  1. UPDATED: If you're using Active Directory, you can now bring in more than 1000 groups.
  2. CHANGED: There is now a Group cache of the Active Directory groups; to set it or refresh it, you must go to the Settings tab and click the Refresh AD button; this greatly speeds up editing reports as a call to Active Directory is no longer made each time you edit a report.
  3. NEW: You can now optionally set an Active Directory group filter by setting the ADGroupFilter key in your web.config file; you can use wildcard stars/asterisks at the beginning or end of the group filter, too; for example to only show groups that start with "JN", you could set it to "JN*" or if you only wanted it to show groups with the word "reports" in it, you would set it to "*reports*".

This update requires running the full installer. You should BACKUP your current Web Portal directory before running the installer. Your data is 100% SAFE, though. The only files you need to edit after running the full installer are any custom logo you're using and any custom settings in web.config. Note, the installer now automatically makes a backup of the web.config file (.bak).

  1. Please contact us for the full installer (email your contacts or open a ticket to Support). Note, the installer is the same link you used for 2020.5r.
  2. Back up your existing Web Portal directory and sub-directories of course.
  3. Run the full installer and pick your custom template/skin.
  4. Edit web.config and set any custom settings (like Active Directory or the new appending of parameters feature released in the last update).
  5. Re-setup your logo and background image.

As a reminder, our 2020.5q release introduced pre-built skins. If none of the built-in templates/skins work for you, we now offer branding of your customer-facing portal 100% FREE. Just send us your logo, and we'll do the rest. If you have specific colors you would like included, just let us know, but generally it's best to simply pull the colors from your logo.

By the way, here's what the quick look at the custom templates/colors/skins...


And when you run the installer or the new customizer, here's what your choices will look like...


Enjoy! Cheers!

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