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Version 2020.5q Released - Report Runner Web Portal (FREE Custom Branding Now Included)

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Web Portal:

  1. UPDATED: This release is all about modernization and details. We've gone through the core CSS settings with a fine-tooth comb and tweaked a few sizes and alignments that weren't quite right.
  2. UPDATED: We released 7 new templates/skins. These are available when you run the full installer or we have a customizer available for download once you're on 2020.5q.
  3. UPDATED: We have a number of optional processing/spinners/busy/working animation gif files (moving image that shows when a report is running) to choose from now.
  4. UPDATED: We modernized the fonts being used. We added support for "-apple-system" which lets iOS determine the font on your iOS device. If not on iOS, all other browsers will default to the popular "Open Sans" font, and we have one template/skin called "Microsoft" which uses Microsoft's "Segoe UI" font.
  5. UPDATED: Unless you stick with the "Classic" template/skin, the icons that you will see in Web Portal are all new and more modern. We've also included plenty of new, modern, custom icons to choose from in the "Free Category Icons" directory, too.
  6. UPDATED: Global CSS files that are editable from the Admin Settings interface has been cleaned up and formatted for easier editing.
  7. NOTE: Even the Classic template/skin has been tweaked. You won't notice the difference per se, but we've tweaked and cleaned up a number of little things.

This update requires running the full installer. You should BACKUP your current Web Portal directory before running the installer. Your data is 100% SAFE, though. The only files you need to edit after running the full installer are any custom logo you're using and any custom settings in web.config.

  1. Please contact us for the full installer (email your contacts or open a ticket to Support)
  2. Back up your existing Web Portal directory and sub-directories of course.
  3. Run the full installer and pick your custom template/skin.
  4. Edit web.config and set any custom settings (like Active Directory or the new appending of parameters feature released in the last update).

And if none of the built-in templates/skins work for you, we now offer branding of your customer-facing portal 100% FREE. Just send us your logo, and we'll do the rest. If you have specific colors you would like included, just let us know, but generally it's best to simply pull the colors from your logo.

By the way, here's what the quick look at the custom templates/colors/skins...


And when you run the installer or the new customizer, here's what your choices will look like...


Enjoy! Cheers!

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