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Version 2020.5p Released - Report Runner Web Portal

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Web Portal:

  1. NEW: This release contains a new feature where you can optionally append parameter values to your browser-based output files. For example, if you run an invoice report, and enter the invoice number as a parameter (12345), the file name created might be named "invoice-12345.pdf". Use the web.config settings shown below to enable the feature (it's off by default) and to tweak how the files are named. You have options to change the parameter separator (a dash by default), to ONLY append the first parameter, and to include range/multi-value parameters).
  2. UPDATED: Tweaked the display of directories in the Settings tab of the Administrator interface.

If you are on at least version 2016.5j of Report Runner Web Portal, you can simply "patch" your existing install by following these steps:

  1. Download the patch here.
  2. Extract to your main Web Portal directory (or you can extract to a temp directory and copy over). There are six (6) files that go in the main Web Portal directory, and three (3) files that goes in JNAdmin folder.
  3. After updating, please also go into your web.config file found in the main Web Portal directory, and towards the top, 7 lines from the top, change edition from 2016.5j (or 2018.5k) to 2020.5p.
  4. Edit web.config in your main Web Portal directory and ADD the following settings at the end of the <appsettings> group (just above </appsettings>).
<!-- Modify File Names With Parameter Values Setting 1:On 0:Off -->
<add key="DefaultFileNameAddParametersEnabled" value="0"/>
<add key="DefaultFileNameAddParametersSeparator" value="-"/>
<add key="DefaultFileNameAddParametersUseFirstParameterOnly" value="0"/>
<add key="DefaultFileNameAddParametersIncludeRangeParameters" value="0"/>


If you are NOT on at least version of Report Runner Web Portal, 2016.5j, please contact us for the link to download the full installer.

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