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Version 2020.560/565 Released - Report Runner Batch

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  1. IMPROVED: Updated the "smart" part of our Smart HTML mail format to handle Memo fields (multiple lines of data). This format can now handle one memo field and it must be the last field/column on the report. If you're not familiar with our Smart HTML mail format, it's a proprietary format which formats reports perfectly in email format. And if anything doesn't look quite right when it exports, we have a lot of control over the format to make it look perfect.

This is not a critical release. It is critical if you're not on at least version 2020.360, and we really recommend being on 2020.550 or later due to all the recent new features.

As always, to update, you only need to run the Updater (just once), to update your software (no matter the current version you are on).


Note, this release also supports SP26 or the Crystal runtime engine. It will install a sub-directory in the program files directory Jeff-Net\Report Runner called SP26OrLater (there is also an SP20OrBefore and and SP21ToSP25). Once SP26 or later is installed, just copy the executable from that SP26OrLater directory to the main Jeff-Net\Report Runner directory.

It is not recommended to move to SP26 unless you need to as it will break many other Crystal-dependent software packages.

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