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Version 2020.520/525 Released - Report Runner Batch and Report Runner Viewer (and Report Runner Administrator)

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  1. UPDATED: We have modified Sharepoint Online uploads to allow for any sub-site format (the previous release allowed for only /sites sub-sites)
  2. UPDATED: We also updated the Sharepoint testing utility (v20.1) to allow for any sub-site format (see note above)

  1. BUG FIX: An encryption bug related to saving and auto-filling the password field for the Viewer Enterprise edition has been fixed


  1. NEW: The Administrator application for the Enterprise Viewer now has pipe delimited export options and quick text-based listing reports for both Reports and Users; the export option creates a data file you can use for custom reports, and the quick list reports are for quick tasks and analysis.
  2. NEW: The Report List and User List window both show counts for total records (or searched/filtered records).

If you are on the prior release, 2020.500/505, and if the updates above do not affect you, this is not a critical release. If you are not on at lease 2020.500/505, please update.

As always, to update, you only need to run the Updater (just once), to update your software (no matter the current version you are on).

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