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Version 2020.500/505 Released - Report Runner Batch and Report Runner Viewer

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  1. BUG FIX: We have fixed a bug related to Sharepoint Online uploads; especially regarding support for Sharepoint sub-sites (ie. The bug preventing uploads to sub-sites has been fixed.
  2. UPDATED: We have updated our Sharepoint testing utility (v20) so settings from testing can optionally be copied back to the job edit window. If you get an error testing an upload to Sharepoint, you can optionally launch the testing utility, test your settings, and upon closing the utility, you will be prompted to choose whether to use the successfully tested settings. We have also updated the interface to this testing utility so it is highly interactive and informative.
  3. UPDATED: In our last release, we mentioned a semi-bug fix to scheduled batches running at Below Normal priority. We had "hard coded" the update so all new or re-scheduled batches would run at Normal priority. In thinking about this we decided it would be best to allow you, the end user, to set whether a scheduled batch ran at Normal or Below Normal priority. If you're happy with the way schedules are already running, and you run a lot of concurrent schedules, you may want to keep them at Below Normal. With that in mind, this update allows you to set the priority for each schedule to Normal or Below Normal. This new option is located near the lower-left portion of the Scheduler window. Please note, if your server or PC is smaller and is doing a lot of processing, running a scheduled batch at Below Normal priority can cause it to "swap out" of IO time and take a super long time to complete.
  4. UPDATED: Numerous new log file messages added and updated.

  1. UPDATED: Numerous new log file messages added and updated.

This is a semi-critical release if you use Report Runner Batch, due to fix for Sharepoint uploads and the new options to set schedule priority. It is considered critical if you're not on at least version 2020.360 (because of a previous licensing update).

Also, if you were one of the customers who received an update/release between versions 2020.380 and 2020.450, please update to an "official" release. Your "in-between" release does NOT contain all features described in these release notes. And if you're on 2020.450, we also recommend updating to 2020.500.

As always, to update, you only need to run the Updater (just once), to update your software (no matter the current version you are on).

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