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Version 2020.450/455 Released - Report Runner Batch and Report Runner Viewer

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  1. SEMI-BUG FIX: In researching a scheduled batch that was swapping in and out (IO) of processing, we ran across a "bug" where scheduled batches were running at lower-than-normal priority. Somewhere along our release timeline (since 2011), we missed a default in the Windows Scheduler that changed scheduling priority from "normal" to "below normal". Since "normal" was the original default, we never purposely set it to "normal". On 90% of most machines, this isn't an issue, because based on the workload, even "below normal" gets plenty of IO/processing power to run just fine, but the other 10% of machines "starve" tasks that run below normal priority. We have fixed this issue in this release so scheduled batches always run at normal priority. Note, you will need to re-save any scheduled batches from our Scheduler interface to change the priority from below normal to normal. For those seeing much slower run times of scheduled batches, you should see a big change in how quickly scheduled batches run now.
  2. NEW: Our encryption is now fully FIPS-compliant. While our previous encryption method was super-secure/AES-256, there is only one encryption method ("engine") in .Net that is government approved. There is a FIPS registry setting that disables the usage of all but one .Net encryption method, and this was causing issues with our encryption routines. Now that we have switched encryption methods, our software is 100% FIPS compliant. Note, there is no registry setting to make/change for our software encryption to work --- our encryption is now compliant for machines where that registry setting already exists.
  3. NEW: In the Scheduler interface, you'll notice the "Start Date" label is now a button. That's because, based on the daily/weekly/monthly options you've selected, it will now make an educated guess on the start date. This is a big time saver when editing old schedules and re-scheduling or even new batches. For example, if it's Tuesday, and you're editing a schedule that runs only on Fridays, clicking the button will change the date to the next Friday on the calendar.
  4. NEW: We have updated the job-edit interface for FTP-based jobs so connection options can be changed there. Previously, to enable for example, SFTP or AUTH-TLS, you had to edit the JNRRB.INI file. You can now change all FTP settings within the job edit window, and server settings are also displayed. We also updated a support DLL we use for FTPing and tweaked a few settings.
  5. NEW: We have tweaked the engine that uploads to Sharepoint Online. Now, if there is a failure when testing from the job edit window, it will offer to start the "tester" interface for Sharepoint Online. The tester is a utility we created to test each step of connecting and uploading to Sharepoint Online. If it works in the tester, it will/can work in Report Runner Batch (because the same tester utility/executable is also what's called to do the upload in Report Runner Batch).
  6. NEW: Added some undocumented/Support-only INI settings to tweak the Crystal runtime engine. We had an issue where a custom Crystal DLL was not closing reports properly, and it was crashing our software. We added INI options to tweak the closing of reports. These settings are not needed for 99.9% of our customers.
  7. UPDATED: We added a check at start-up to make sure the Crystal runtime engine has not been uninstalled. This will (obviously) cause problems with our software if uninstalled.
  8. UPDATED: Numerous new log file messages added/updated, including many related to report analysis in the job edit process.

  1. UPDATED: The phrase "No Security" has been removed from the checkbox on the right side of the Viewer login interface in the Standard edition. This was a legacy phrase that no longer reads correctly. If for some reason you want the phrase back, we have an INI setting to re-enable it.
  2. UPDATED: Numerous new log file messages added/updated.

This is a semi-critical release if you use Report Runner Batch, due to the change in schedule priority. It is considered critical if you're not on at least version 2020.360 (because of a previous licensing update).

Also, if you were one of the customers who received an update/release between versions 2020.380 and 2020.450, please update to an "official" release. Your "in-between" release does NOT contain all features described in these release notes.

As always, to update, you only need to run the Updater (just once), to update your software (no matter the current version you are on).

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