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Version 2016.5j Released - Report Runner Web Portal

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We have a number of new, key features in this new release!


Web Portal

  1. New - Search has been added to all screens/forms in the ADMIN interface. Easily search/filter reports, groups, and users.
  2. New - Ability to optionally assign a specific output format to a specific report; previously you could only assign PDF only or allow the user to choose
  3. New - Ability to optionally set any report for email only or view only
  4. New - Clone an existing report
  5. New - Filter SQL-based queries based on user values (jnUserValue1-3 and jnUserName); this enables you to, for example, run a SQL query that prompts a user to choose an invoice number (but only invoices applicable to that user are shown)
  6. New - Ability to optionally password protect ADMIN interface by setting a password in web.config file (key is "adminpassword"); previously you had to do it using Windows security/authentication
  7. Update - Adding a new report will NOT default to first template in list; loading of template is prevented until template is chosen
  8. Update - ADMIN interface/icons tweaked to be a little cleaner and modern; you can see new interface at our test site; also fixed a few typos and interface inconsistencies.
  9. Update - ADMIN interface, footer area, updated to show key paths and directories from web.config file
  10. Update - Source code has been formatted to be more easily readable
  11. Update - End user interface is now 100% generic "out-of-the-box"; no Jeff-Net branding, a generic Web Portal logo, and a grey background; you can see this new interface at our test site; you can still customize the end user interface of course
  12. Bug Fix - XML support files (INI, header, and footer) are now copied if report is run via the command line

This update is not critical, but it is very recommended.

Five important notes about updating:

  1. Your data files (reports, users, string customizations) are 100% safe
  2. Your custom CSS changes and customizations are NOT safe. We have many CSS changes in this release due to our modernizing of messages so any custom CSS you've coded will need to re-done. As long as you have a backup of your current Web Portal installation, we can easily help you if you have problems re-doing the old look of your portal.
  3. We have not updated the installation/manual documentation regarding these new features. We will get that done soon.
  4. Make sure you've downloaded the latest update for Report Runner Batch, version 2016.260 (or later)
  5. Make sure you've downloaded the latest update for Report Runner Event Server, version 2016.65 (or later)

Web Portal downloads are not publicly posted on our website. Your original download link has been updated with the 2016.5j release (so just re-download the installer). This release has been posted there for a week as we've been testing. If your ADMIN interface footer already states you have 2016.5j, you do NOT need to update. If you do not have the download URL for Web Portal, just reply to this news release to request it (it will auto-open a ticket) or open a ticket manually.

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