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Version 2016.222 Released - Report Runner Batch (and Event Server) and Report Runner Viewer

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This is an important update to the recently released 2016.220. We have a couple bugs in the previous update (explained below).



  1. Updated! Much better Sharepoint support. Microsoft changes the API for Sharepoint quite a bit. This update fixes some previous issues with newer versions of Sharepoint. This update also allows for the creation of folders on the fly. Note, only one new folder can be created during a batch (not multiple folders). This update is really great where you need to burst to Sharepoint and create a dynamic folder on-the-fly. So we don't break any existing Sharepoint batches/uploads, to access these new options, you must manually edit/set a JNRRB.INI setting under [Options]: SharepointOnlineVersion=15
  2. Updated! Removed access to modify the TEMP location setting for Report Runner Batch work files. We auto-delete files in this directory, and it's critical to make sure we don't auto-delete some random directory accidentally set by end user.
  3. Bug Fix: Instances default was set to 0 (which could cause a crash); it is now set to 10
  4. Added/Updated log file messages (mainly related to scheduling and licensing)
  5. Event Server integration update: AutoPrint feature now allows for custom printer settings
  6. Event Server integration update: Mail rules now show a much longer mail connection message in log file to fully explain connection problems

  1. Bug Fix: New AD support for Enterprise edition caused a crash if you did not enable AD support
  2. Bug Fix: New shortcuts/linked files feature caused the Viewer to crash if you used UNC paths
  3. Updated! Non-RDP licensing now allows for "floating" single-user RDP access to machines; only one user is still allowed to RDP to a non-RDP licensed machine, but if you need to switch users who access it's now automatic (previous user simply gets bumped from machine)

This is a semi-critical update depending on what features you use in Report Runner Batch, Report Runner Viewer, and/or Report Runner Event Server.

To update, you can now go to a new Downloads page or go to individual product pages and download the updater:

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