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Version 2013 Released! - Report Runner Web Portal (2013.3) - Now With Active Directory Support!

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Report Runner Web Portal 2013 has shipped! There are a number of new features:

  1. Support for Active Directory (AD); log in to Web Portal using your AD credentials; assign AD groups to reports
  2. Support for Groups; users are now assigned to groups and groups are assigned to reports
  3. Over 150 free category icons added
  4. ADMIN interface upgraded; we've removed the tiny edit and delete icons, replacing them with larger text-based buttons (much easier on touch devices, too); all colors are CSS based, so it's much easier to customize and brand for your organization using CSS; editing now uses popup modal windows; much clearer interface
  5. Widget support for adding a left or right side floating helpdesk/feedback/support button to end user interface (like Zendesk, UserVoice, or GetSatisfaction)
  6. Support for easily creating/editing footer text and links to end user interface
  7. User-based values for parameters increased from one to three; you can now assign up to three user-specific values to parameters
  8. Option to assign/use Web Portal login to a parameter (this works with and without Active Directory support)
  9. Create web templates *directly* from Web Portal; you now have three total options for creating web templates: a) manually using Report Runner Batch, b) automatically by "throwing" all of your RPT files into the Event Server Input queue, or c) one-at-a-time using a browse button when you add a report
  10. End users can now change their password from the Web Portal interface
  11. Live chat support (from Jeff-Net) built-in to your ADMIN interface (your employees and/or customers do not see this)
  12. Additionally, we have updated the installation and configuration documentation for Web Portal

To upgrade, please contact your account manager for specific upgrade instructions.

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