Version 2013 Released! - Report Runner Event Server (2013.25) - Rule Packs Updated, Too!

Event Server

  1. Total batch processes possible increased from 5 to 8
  2. Event Server will now *CREATE* XML files for Web Portal templates if RPT templates are placed in input queue
  3. Performance enhancements so processes trigger faster
  4. Controller updated to show message while loading
  5. Controller interface updated to show 8 processes, what rules are active, ability to open and clear/delete various queues, and batches in Input queue now display the first report in batch (this was done mainly for those using Web Portal)
  6. Fixed a bug with some tasks not signaling service to run another task
  7. Fixed a bug with log and temp files not getting properly cleaned up
  8. Fixed a bug with extra mail settings set in Report Runner Batch (like using SSL, specific ports, etc...) not getting used with Event Server mail
  9. Added a few more log file messages
Mail Rules

  1. Fixed a bug with email rules not deleting the correct mail item that triggered process; previously *all* current mail records were deleted even if it didn't trigger the rule; now only the *specific* mail record that triggered the rule is deleted; this means unprocessed mail records will simply sit there until a rule is configured that matches it or you manually delete it (or fetch it with mail client and that process deletes it)
SQL Rules

  1. Adjusted automatic retry time from 10 seconds to 1 second for failed SQL queries

Any users upgrading to 2013 of Report Runner Event Server should also upgrade to the latest 2013 version of Report Runner Batch. Each product is dependent on the other being updated.

Remember upgrading to 2013 from 2012 requires a new license key. Your 2012 license key will NOT work with 2013. There is no cost to get a new 2013 key. It's included in your licensing (as are all updates we release).

The 2013 update can be downloaded here:


Coming Soon... We have a new version of Web Portal shipping soon which includes creation of XML templates from within the ADMIN application, support for GROUPS, an improved interface, two (2) additional user-defineable parameter values tied to logon ID (previously only one value was possible), support for Windows phones (because they don't allow pop-ups when viewing reports), ability to add footers globally to application, ability to add widgets (like User Voice and Help Desk floating chat buttons), all colors buttons are now 100% CSS driven instead of images (so you can easily change colors), and last, but not least, ... ... ... Active Directory integration! We can't wait to show it to you!

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