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Version 2013.90 Released - Report Runner Batch and Report Runner Viewer

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  1. New! Scheduling Reports! We will be doing more in the future. This is just the beginning. There are three reports (detail list of schedules, forecast of what's about to run, and what recently ran). These reports should be installed to your Jeff-Net\Report Runner Batch\AppData\System Reports directory. You can create a separate batch (or batches) to run these whenever. You do not need to set any credentials or datasource. Report Runner Batch *automatically* sets the correct datasource and refreshes that datasource with the latest scheduling information when the batch is run. So, if we weren't clear, just add the reports to a batch, set the various parameters, and run them.
  2. When you delete a batch via the Report Runner Batch interface (by deleting all the jobs in a batch), it will now verify that all schedules are deleted based on that batch
  3. Scheduling ID/password will now be saved and reused while Report Runner Batch session is open. If you exit Report Runner Batch, you will need to enter it again. This is a huge time saver when creating multiple new schedules.
  4. Fixed a bug where Scheduler did not properly enter your Windows credentials by default when creating a new schedule
  5. Added a new JNRRB.INI setting "UseBatchSpecificINISettingsOnNotificationReports=0|1"; when we shipped 2013 of Report Runner Batch, we changed the way Notification Reports work with your batch-specific INI settings, where those settings were now *ignored*. Unfortunately, we had a few customers that wanted to be able to override the Notification Report with batch-specific settings. This new INI setting, which is off (0) by default, can be turned on (1), and your batch-specific INI settings will be used.
  6. Added two new date variables that can be used anywhere: jn_lastmonthsyear and jn_nextmonthsyear (both will show year using 4 digits); most of our variables are documented, but we will be creating an online knowledgebase article soon for easier reference.
  7. Modified a few messages to hopefully make things clearer
  8. Added a few more log file messages

  1. New! Crystal Reports Alerts functionality is now supported! It's on by default, but behaviour can be altered using the ShowAlerts INI setting in JNRRV.INI
  2. Added a new JNRRV.INI setting allow the Viewer to show reports with zero records. By default, the Viewer does not show reports that generate zero records. It has been requested by a few customers that we allow this. We have created an INI setting that goes under [Options] called ShowZeroRecordsReports=0|1 (1 turns it on).
  3. Added a few more log file messages

Download the update here:


Note: The updater (not the FULL installer) updates only your executables and DLLs. So for Batch users wanting the new scheduling reports, you need to download this zip file and extract it to your Jeff-Net\Report Runner Batch\AppData\System Reports folder in your documents folder (NOT Program Files folder).


While not a critical update, it is HIGHLY recommended because of the new features for both Batch and Viewer users!

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