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Version 2013.5i Released - Report Runner Web Portal

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This update is a minor one compared to the 2013.5g release in January of this year. We have fixed one bug and are releasing two, new, key features.


Web Portal

  1. New - Support for INI, Header, and Footer files (just like Report Runner Batch); All you have to do is make sure your XML-matching INI, .TXT, and FOOTER.TXT files are in the same WebTemplates directory. This enables emailed reports to be super-customized and branded to the end user or customer.
  2. New - Support for date variables to be used to set Date and Date/Time based parameters (whether the parameters are shown or hidden); TODAY, YESTERDAY, and TOMORROW variables can be set for dates, and NOW can be set for the time. For example, if your user normally needs to enter today's date and 8am for the time, you can set the default value to: TODAY 080000. Or, if you want it to default to yesterday and 24 hours ago, set it to: YESTERDAY NOW
  3. Bug Fix - Date/Time based parameters were not properly supported with the Calendar and Time picker/icon. Date/Times are now fully supported. If you have any issues getting this to work after the update, delete your web-template, and recreate it by "throwing" your RPT file into the Event Server input queue.

This update is not critical, but it is recommended.

Five important notes about updating:

  1. Your data files (reports, users, string customizations) are 100% safe
  2. Your custom CSS changes and customizations are NOT safe. We have many CSS changes in this release due to our modernizing of messages so any custom CSS you've coded will need to re-done. As long as you have a backup of your current Web Portal installation, we can easily help you if you have problems re-doing the old look of your portal.
  3. We have not updated the installation/manual documentation regarding these new features. We will get that done soon.
  4. Make sure you've downloaded the latest update for Report Runner Batch, version 2016.230 (or later)
  5. Make sure you've downloaded the latest update for Report Runner Event Server, version 2016.65 (or later)

Web Portal downloads are not publicly posted on our website. Your original download link has been updated with the 2013.5i release (so just re-download the installer). This release has been posted there for a couple of weeks as we've been testing. If your ADMIN interface footer already states you have 2013.5i, you do NOT need to update. If you do not have the download URL for Web Portal, just reply to this news release to request it (it will auto-open a ticket) or open a ticket manually.


And we are already busy on a new Web Portal update! It should be released by Fall of this year (2017). New features include report cloning (copying existing Web Portal reports to make other variations), searching/filtering of groups and users, setting reports for viewing only or email only, setting reports to export to a specific format only (instead of just PDF only -- for example XLSX only), SQL-based picklists filtered by Logon ID or any of the 3 user-specific parameter values, and optionally setting an ADMIN password so you don't have to configure Windows authentication for ADMIN interface. We welcome your feature requests to all of our products. Most of these new features in development came directly from you!

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