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Version 2013.4 Released - Report Runner Web Portal

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Web Portal

  1. New Web.Config key added: UseWPLoginForDatabaseLogin; this key allows you to direct the Web Portal to use the *SAME* ID and password user uses to log into the Web Portal to also run reports and be used for database authentication.
  2. Updated message display to hover towards top and fade; this is much more modern and cleaner
  3. Bug Fix: Date formats in Web.Config are now more flexible
  4. Bug Fix: New Category values are now trimmed; previously new Categories with spaces caused a crash of Web Portal
  5. Bug Fix: Instance format settings now save properly on update; previously they were ignored
  6. Bug Fix: XML field CancelExport is always set to False now; previously if Batch directive was set to True it was kept (this caused output files to not be created in Web Portal)
  7. Installer now prompts for your company name and this value is displayed in browser titlebar of ADMIN interface
  8. Web Portal now integrated with our Global Monitoring to track reports run by specific Web Portal users
  9. Web Portal produced files are now trimmed of spaces to reduce viewing errors with IIS
  10. Added 2014 to Years picklist

This update is optional for existing users. If you're happy with your Web Portal installation, there is nothing critical in this update.

Two important notes about updating:

  1. Your data files (reports, users, string customizations) are 100% safe
  2. Your custom CSS changes and customizations are NOT safe. We have many CSS changes in this release due to our modernizing of messages so any custom CSS you've coded will need to re-done. As long as you have a backup of your current Web Portal installation, we can easily help you if you have problems re-doing the old look of your portal.
Web Portal downloads are not publicly posted on our website. Your original download link has been updated with the 2013.4 release (so just re-download the installer). This release has been posted there for a little while as we've been deploying this to new customers recently. If your ADMIN interface footer already states you have 2013.4, you do NOT need to update.

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