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Version 2013.191 Released - Report Runner Batch (and Report Runner Web Portal)

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  1. New - Created an optional JNRRB.INI setting called JNGeneratedMessage under [Options] group for creating a global default signature for all emails. This can still be overridden in any batch with the Footer settings, too. You can either set this to a phrase to replace the "Generated by Jeff-Net Report Runner Batch" phrase or set it to a multi-line text (.TXT) file on your PC. If you set it a multi-line text file, you can type whatever you want in the text file, and that text will be used as the signature.
  2. New - Created two new jn-variables called jnLongDate and jnLongTime; these variables match the date and time setting for the default Report Runner Batch signature (which can now be overridden using JNGeneratedMessage and used in the text file); jnLongDate at jnLongTime will show, for example, "Tuesday, January 05, 2016 at 9:40:38 AM"
  3. Fix - Addressed a small issue with displaying System DSNs in the log file
  4. Update for Web Portal Users - New Auto-Picklists feature when creating XML report templates; now, when you add the RPT file to Event Server, any static parameter picklists stored in the report are export to the Auto-Picklist folder (under Event Server data directory --- where WebTemplates are stored). You can then edit and move the picklist file to the Picklists folder in Web Portal if you would like to use it. The naming of the picklist is based on the report and the parameter name. This is a HUGE time-saver --- No more recreating picklists manually!!!
  5. Update - The internal evaluation license has been updated for 2016


This is not a critical update, but should be installed by anyone wanting the new signature feature and all Web Portal Customers. Update can be downloaded on Batch product page found at:


Note, there is a new Web Portal release/update coming tomorrow...


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