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Version 2013.176 Released - Report Runner Batch and Report Runner Documentor

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  1. Added automatic retry for failed data connections (when scheduled), up to 5 retries
  2. Added a maximum possible runtime limit for a schedule of 12 hours; this default setting can be changed via a setting in JNRRB.INI; the setting is MaxExecutionTime under the [Scheduler] group
  3. Added confirmation to stop Event Server service before editing Mail, File, and/or SQL Rules
  4. Fixed a comma bug with numeric parameter values
  5. Added a cool new feature where Global Expressions and Global Constants can be used in the batch-specific INI setting; simply code the expression or constant with [brackets] surrounding the name, and it will be replaced dynamically at runtime
  6. Added log file messages (related to bursting)


  1. Fixed a parameter bug where parameter name was duplicated in database and reports
  2. Added an index to What's Running table (JNRRS_Whats_Running_Monitor); you should drop the table and recreate it after updating (in the Administrator app); this step will rebuild the table with an index


This is not a critical update, but is definitely recommended. We recently redesigned our website, and downloads are now handled on each product information page. Please go to the product page to download and update your software. As always, the installer and updater still updates ALL core products. If you use three of our products, you only need to run the updater once, not three times.

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