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Version 2013.135 Released - Report Runner Batch, Report Runner Event Server, and Report Runner Administrator (and New Global Monitoring Dashboard)

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This is a huge, cool update! If you have multiple users using our software, we HIGHLY recommend installing the Administrator application and using Global Monitoring.
  1. New! HTML email support. Using batch-specific INI settings (MailFormat=HTML) email formatting can be set to HTML. This means when you edit Headers and Footers, you'll need to format in HTML code (using HTML tags).
  2. New! *Very* basic HTML editor and previewer. When editing Header and Footer mail sections, you can right-click to paste in the most basic HTML tags (p, b, i, br, img, a) and there is a preview button to view it as HTML.
  3. Tools, Search can now optionally search *all* files.
  4. Additional log file messages for debugging
  5. Default bursting type is now MULTI-PASS, not ONE-PASS. This can still be modified in JNRRB.INI and in batch-specific INI settings.
  6. Added stacktrace information to log file for catastrophic errors
Event Server and Mail Rules
  1. Fixed a bug with Event Server processes triggered by rule packs not triggering SuperBatch(es) --- they are now triggered
  2. Rule-pack log files (the JNRRA* ones) are now also tagged with the words (File, SQL, or Mail) to indicate the TYPE of log file it is
  3. Additional log file messages for debugging
Administrator and Global Monitoring
  1. Interface modified; Launch buttons on main menu, Enterprise Viewer options has it's own tab, Passwords has it's own tab, and Global Monitoring has it's own tab
  2. New! Global Monitoring dashboard with pro-active problem notification; dashboard will show you EVERYTHING running in your company (all reports and all batches). You can also set up warning time frames so you can be notified if a report or batch is hung and or crashed. You can also optionally be SMS texted when this happens. Bursting batches will show you where it's at in the burst along what value is currently being burst.
  3. New! Global Monitoring reports! Canned reports to show you report and batch analytics.
This is not a critical update, but one of the most highly recommended updates we've ever released. Lot's of goodies in this release. The new Global Monitoring features are super-super cool!
Note: We have modified our updater to now also ask for the existing Jeff-Net data folder so we can update system reports. We're creating more and more canned system reports (mainly for Batch and Global Monitoring), and instead of asking you to download and update them separately, we're doing it with the updater now.

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