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Version 2013.125 Released - Report Runner Batch (and *New* Report Runner Documentor Product!)

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  1. Fixed a random bug with the Scheduler data file getting corrupted due to memory shortages
  2. Fixed a bug with temporary files getting sent to Jeff-Net\Report Runner Program Files directory instead of Jeff-Net\Report Runner Batch documents folder. All users should look for and delete a "C" folder in your Jeff-Net\Report Runner Program Files directory. It won't hurt for it to be there, but it's not necessary after updating, and it shouldn't be there.
  3. Added a JNRRB.INI setting "ForceCommandSetLocation" to handle reports using Command datasources differently. *If* you are having any issues running reports with Command datasources, you should add ForceCommandSetLocation=1 to [Options] group in JNRRB.INI.
  4. NEW bursting feature! You can now burst PDFs and merge them with other PDFs (or attach multiple PDFs via email) from a specified another directory. We will be creating a KB article to explain how to do this, but there are new right-click batch-specific INI settings.
  5. Added additional log file message and automatic error correcting
  6. Added jnBurstEmail variable (this was added for usage in PDF burst merges)
  7. Modified variable replacement code to account for some bracketed variables and one replacement that caused issue #2 above

NEW! Report Runner Documentor!

  1. First off, this product is 100% FREE, and it always will be 
  2. It requires SQL Server; if you do not have SQL Server available, we do offer hosting of a SQL Server database for it for just $99/year
  3. Report Runner Documentor is Crystal Reports documentation software. The entire report is analyzed and all report values are stored to a database. We've included four reports to output stats and analysis. Use the software to find tables/datasources, parameters, formulas, and fields used across all reports (and much, much more). 
  4. More information coming soon to website, but to install, just download the FULL installer from the download page


The Batch update is considered semi-critical. Please download and run updater immediately:

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