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Version 2013.110 Released - Report Runner Batch and Report Runner Viewer (and SQL Rules for Event Server)

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  1. Fixed email formatting issues (headers, file lists, and footers were sometimes running together)
  2. Added additional verification of data for scheduling (more messages indicating scheduling errors)
  3. Added additional verification of data for email setup
  4. Added help links to license registration window
  5. Added noticeable (white on red) warning message if jobs are created using reports from network drives or if batch XML file is scheduled from network drives (network drives are not always available when scheduled and users are logged off)
  6. Fixed random issue with sign-on window accepting input when sign-on not enabled
  7. Added new field to track username of Web Portal run reports and post username to Global Monitoring (we will need to finish Web Portal update for this feature to be available)
  8. Fixed a bug with Viewer where mail authentication password was not being saved in Starter edition
  9. Added auto-fix for users entering batch-specific INI settings without adding the [Options] group first

  1. New (optional) feature to show report comments (or report title) stored in RPT file to the right of report list; if you would like to enable this, please contact us
  2. Fixed a bug with Viewer crashing if users were still on SP1 of the Crystal runtime engine (there was a setting we were configuring that did not exist in SP1)
  3. Added help links to license registration window
SQL Rules for Event Server

  1. New feature added to allow for running of a pre-batch UPDATE query; this allows for setting your database to a "doing something" state before batch/XML runs (which in turn allows for stopping processing until batch/XML runs and post UPDATE query is run to change "doing something" flag to "done"
  2. Added notes to SQL Rules editor (bottom left of window) to explain the various query types
  3. IMPORTANT: You must go into your SQL Rules editor immediately upon updating to this release and simply open and close your rules; this will re-save your rules in the latest format; otherwise, Event Server will not process your rules correctly

This is not considered a critical release, but is definitely recommended!

Download latest update here:

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