Version 2012.3 Released - Report Runner Web Portal

Web Portal

  1. New Feature: Added support for cascading picklists to set parameters
  2. New Feature: Multi-Selection parameters
  3. New Feature: Manual entry parameter option for picklist parameters
  4. New Feature: Added support for report instances (keeping copies of a previously run reports so it can be opened instantly to view later); the default instance suffix (day, date, time, whatever) can be set in the web.config file
  5. New Feature: Edit CSS settings from Settings tab in ADMIN interface
  6. When adding new reports to the Web Portal, displaying parameters will set on (checked) by default now (previously, they were all unchecked)
  7. Added a little more spacing to end user interface in Run Report window;
  8. Moved Report Format Options section to bottom of Run Report Window (it was previously at the top); added a separate CSS setting for this section and made this section "dodger blue" by default so it would stand out separately from the parameter settings
  9. Moved default Screen option above Email option and moved email entryfield to right of email option
  10. In the Report Edit window of the ADMIN interface, made background of each parameter name light blue so the parameters would look a little more divided from one to the other and a little easier to read
  11. New Feature: Pass login ID and password via the command line; this is great for personal devices to set shortcuts so you don't have to login each time; just append ?ID=demo&Password=demo to login.aspx page.
  12. Category drop-down now only shows categories that has reports assigned to that user; previously we showed all categories defined

This is a substantial update for Report Runner Web Portal. We are super excited about it, and we want to make sure you get updated properly. Please contact us to schedule your update.

Note: Report Runner Batch 2012.44 or later is required for Report Runner Web Portal 2012.3

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