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Version 2020.70 Released - Report Runner Event Server

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Event Server:

  1. NEW: Monitor view for Event Server can now be paused (from within Monitor itself); this is useful when you need to scroll XML files in the Input, Error, and Processed views.
  2. NEW: You can now double-click an XML file from the Monitor view, and it will open the log file that goes with that file/process.

This is not a critical update for Event Server, although the new features are very useful. You can download the update/installer here:

When updating Event Server, you need to UNINSTALL the previous version of Event Server first. This is not required for Batch or Viewer, but it is necessary for Event Server due to the way Services are managed within Windows.


And a reminder... all three of the Rule Packs (Mail, SQL, and File) are INCLUDED with ALL Event Server licenses now at no additional cost.

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