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Report Runner Event Server Update (Version 2013.55)

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Event Server

  1. New: SQL and File Rules now have the option of checking and running every few seconds instead of every minute or more. This feature is for those users with tons of SQL action that needs triggers to fire off in seconds instead of minutes. Most users don't need this, so contact support if you need to enable this new feature.
  2. Update: The Event Server controller will now indicate the version of Event Server that is installed in the lower right-hand corner of the monitor.

When updating Event Server, please follow the following steps (read all steps before starting update):

1) Stop the Event Server service (right-click and Stop from Event Server Controller running in system tray)

2) Exit the Event Server controller application (right-click and exit from system tray)

3) Download and install the new Event Server application (

4) Restart controller from Startup folder and restart Event Server service (right-click and start service from Event Server Controller running in system tray)

Note: Don't forget to re-set your credentials on the Event Server service if you previously were using anything other than the System account. When a service is updated, it defaults back to the System account.

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