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New Product! - Report Runner Automatic Report Viewer (Free Add-On for Report Runner Batch) - Version 2013.96

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Today we're releasing a new product (a new tool) that's called via our Report Runner Unified executable (same one that runs our Viewer and Batch products). The product is called Report Runner Automatic Report Viewer.

It's a simple way to automatically display reports with saved data. You simply load them all to a single directory and they will be looped through, on a timed basis, and displayed in a viewer. There is no interaction with the viewer other than starting and stopping the application.

Here's the documentation to call it and work with it:


You'll need to update to 2013.96 of Report Runner Batch to use it.


There is NO COST to use this product if you are licensed for Report Runner Batch. It is a free add-on from Report Runner Batch, because you utilize Report Runner Batch to generate the reports with saved data (Crystal Reports format) automatically. It will work with Report Runner Batch EZ edition or higher.

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