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Working with CSS To Customize Web Portal - Two Examples

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It's super easy to customize Web Portal. Sometimes you would like to tweak a few more things without modifying the web source code (in ASP.Net). Using CSS modifications, you can do this. We make modifying the CSS easy, too, because you can do it right from the Settings tab in the ADMIN interface. 

Example #1 - Hiding Password Link in Web Portal End User Interface:

In the following example, we are going to show you how to hide the Password link in the Web Portal end-user interface. We're using this as an example, because with customers that use Active Directory, this link is not necessary.

Here are the steps:

  1. Click on Settings in ADMIN interface
  2. Click on Edit CSS
  3. Choose JeffNet\Style
  4. Scroll down about 100 lines; look for ".changepassword"
  5. Add the property line "display: none;
  6. Click Update to save

After that, when the page loads, that link should not display. The "display: none" that you're adding to that property tells the browser not to display anything using .changepassword class.


Example #2 - Changing the Layout Width of Web Portal:

By default, the width of Web Portal is set to 900px. We believe this is a good average width for most screens and devices. If you want to change the width of the application to 1200px, it's quite simple. Here are the steps:

  1. Click on Settings in ADMIN interface
  2. Click on Edit CSS
  3. Choose JeffNet\Common (to change ADMIN interface, select JeffNetAdmin\Common)
  4. Scroll down about 150 lines; look for ".site-wrapper" (this is the property for the overall layout width)
  5. Change the property line "width: 900px" to "width: 1200px
  6. Scroll down another 100 lines or so; look for ".site-content-header" (this is the property for the rounded header you see below each tab)
  7. Change the property line "width: 858px" to "width: 1158px"
  8. Click Update to save




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