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Volume Discounts on Licenses and Licensing

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Question: Is there a way to get volume discounts on licensing?

Answer: For Report Runner Viewer, it's already built into the webstore. The more you buy, the less your licenses will cost. You might ask, well if I buy 15 now and 10 later, can I get the 25 user discount? No, because that's two separate orders which requires us to process two orders and send two licenses. A large part of the discounting process is we only have to process one order instead of two (or three or four or more) orders.

So, to be clear, discounts on Report Runner Viewer occur at the time of the order and can not be applied to another order.

Discounts for Report Runner Batch are handled on a custom basis. If you purchase three or more licenses, we will give you a custom quote. Also, if you upgrade from a lower edition to a higher edition, we will give you a full credit, pro-rated discount on the higher edition.


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