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Using jnVariables In Global Expressions (Like Previous Business Day --- jn_PreviousBusinessDayMMDDYY)

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Is there a way to use the various jnVariables found in this jnVariables document in Global Expressions? I see you have variables for things like previous business day and the likes.


Yes! Since most of the jnVariables are date-based, we'll use one of the date-based variables to show you how to format it:


jn_PreviousBusinessDayMMDDYY is a special keyword that always returns the previous business date. You can use it anywhere. As a matter of fact, ANY of the keywords in the URL below can be used in Expressions (which can then be applied to parameters). Each keyword gives a sample of the code programmed in it. It's just an example and for previous business day, we execute different code depending on the day of the week.


Another helpful document on date/time expressions:

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