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Setting Up and Using Report Runner Documentor To Document Crystal Reports

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If you have not installed Report Runner Documentor yet, you'll need to install it first:

Note: Report Runner Documentor is free for anyone with a paid Viewer or Batch license. Report Runner Documentor does require a SQL Server database to store your report information. 


After installing...

1) Start Report Runner Documentor

2) Click on Configure Database and follow instructions. You'll need to create a SQL Server database (it needs to be a FULL version of SQL Server, not Express; SQL 2005 or later) and configure the SQL connection string. Any connection string works, except for Windows authentication. It's best to specify the IP address or server name, with an ID and password.

3) Click on [Test Connection String] button to make sure it is configured correctly.

4) Click on [Create Tables] button to create the tables where the report information will be stored.

5) That's it... from there, simply select the reports and or directories to scan and document the reports. There are built-in/canned reports to output most any information you need. If you know Crystal Reports, most everything should make complete sense to you.

6) Just let us know if you have any additional questions!

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