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Setting Extra FTP Server Options (SFTP, SSL, Encryption, Ports)

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You're looking for a way to set extra settings for your FTP server. You want to be able to change the method to SFTP or the like and/or change the default port that FTP uses.


Yes, you can customize FTP server settings. You do this in the JNRRB.INI file. Edit that file with Notepad or a text editor and look for your server settings under [FTP] group. Each time you set up a new FTP server and do a connection to it, Report Runner Batch will create the following entries for each server. Once found you can modify the following sample settings ( would be replace with your FTP server):

'EncryptionMethod (1=AuthSSL, 2=AuthTLS, 3=SSL, 4=SFTP)


How to find Jeff-Net Data Folder, JNRRV.INI, and or JNRRB.INI:

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