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Set Proxy Server For Licensing Manager

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Your PC can not reach our licensing server due to a firewall or some other internal policy. You need to configure a proxy server.



In the file jnrr_license.ini, you can configure your proxy server settings. This file is found in the Jeff-Net data folder. Here is what you configure:

ProxyServer=your proxy server

There are two more settings. These should already exist in your file, but if you have an older install, you may have to ADD them:

ProxyID=your proxy ID
ProxyPassword=your proxy password


You can test your connection to our licensing server using the following URL:


Note, these settings are not encrypted in any way, so after setting license, these settings can be removed if you would like. Anytime you set or test your license, the settings will need to be there, though.

Please confirm that this works in setting your license. If it fails, please send us a log file.

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