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Send SMS Message Only If Batch Fails Or Errors

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I'd like to get an SMS message ONLY if a batch fails (and some indication as to what went wrong)



We have created a custom solution for this by modifying the End of Batch Notification Report.

It's very important to follow these ***EXACT INSTRUCTIONS***.

  1. Download the modified SMS version of the End of Batch Notification Report
  2. Do ***NOT*** overlay your existing End of Batch Notification Report with the one attached (it is not the same report)
  3. Save it to the same System Reports folder, but create an SMS sub-folder within that folder. For example: C:\<Jeff-Net Data Folder>\Report Runner Batch\AppData\System Reports\SMS
  4. Add this report to the batch you want to be texted only if there's an error. Note: You will NOT be able to use this report AND the normal End of Batch Notification Report in the same batch.
  5. Edit the parameter, Browse, and set to "Errors Only". You'll see when this batch fails, it will text you the RPT name and SOME of the error message. Text messages are limited to 160 characters. You should see most of the message though.

Note, you can modify this "SMS" version of the report. You'll see we cut everything out except for the SMS Message. Add or take away what you want from it.


Note also, do not rename the End of Batch Notification Report. This is a special report name Report Runner Batch looks for and passes batch execution information to.

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