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Send Certificate Signed Secure Mail via S/MIME

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Question: How can I send secure certificate signed mail (S/MIME) from Report Runner Batch?

Answer: Just follow these steps:

1) In Report Runner Batch, go to Home, Settings, Mail Settings Tab, Click on SSL/TSL/SMIME button

2) Select S/MIME

3) Browse/Open your PFX/P12 File (see below for information on this file)

4) Enter your secret password for the certificate (we store this in encrypted format in your Jeff-Net settings files)

5) Hit OK and send a test email to yourself. If it sends successfully, you will see that the email is signed with your certificate.


What is a mail certificate and/or PFX/P12 file and how can I get one? The PFX/P12 file is an extraction or a backup of a signed certificate that has been downloaded and stored into your browser (that's the simple description). You can get a signed certificate from a number of resources, but COMODO offers mail certificates for free (click here).

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