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Resellers and VARs 101 - 3 FAQs Every New Reseller Asks

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Following are the top 3 questions (and 1 discussion) we get from new resellers inquiring about working with us:


Question - Do you work with resellers?

Answer - Yes, we work with resellers, but there are no discounts. We do give discounts to VARs, but not to resellers simply facilitating the transaction.


Question - Can I get a quote for X product?

Answer - No, we do not issue quotes. Webstore pricing is the MOST cost-effective (ie. cheapest) way to order from us. Manual quotes will NEVER be less that what's shown on the product pages and webstore. If you still request a quote from us, it will be HIGHER than what's shown on website and what's shown in the webstore.

Note: Once you request a quote from us, we will no longer accept your webstore order.

It is not hard to find webstore pricing for our products. Our site is very easy to navigate. Click on PRODUCTS, choose the product, view the pricing at bottom of page.


Question - I'm a reseller with XYZ Company, and I'm ready to place an order. Can I get a discount?

Answer - No, not unless you are a registered VAR with us. VARs (value added resellers) receive a discount because they are adding value to what we do. VARs are normally very close to the customer and handle installation and most support. VARs start with an initial 10% discount, and there is no upfront fee. 


Issue - We are [Insert Big Reseller Company]. We can't sign Jeff-Net's VAR agreement. We need you (Jeff-Net) to fill out our agreement.

Answer - No. You will sign our VAR agreement, or you won't get a discount. There is no way around this requirement.

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