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Mail Issue - External Email Addresses Will Not Relay

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I'm running a batch and internal email addresses are getting my job output, but external email addresses are failing.


Assuming the email addresses you're using for the external tests are legit, the issue is at your email server. Your company has rules set up to NOT be able to email external addresses via SMTP. Tell your email administrator that the server will not send emails to external addresses, and the mail server returns an error message of "unable to relay" and "bad_address".

You may also try using an authentication ID and password with the email settings.

You might also find that it works if you use a different port or other settings. The bottom line is your email administrator should be able to tell you what's allowed and what's not, and how to set it up. Our email settings allow for configuring just about anything the server requires. To fix the error, you must have your system administrator enable relaying at least for certain IP addresses, or certain authenticated users.

For example, to enable relaying in the Microsoft SMTP services, right-click on the Default SMTP Virtual Server under Internet Information Services Manager, select the Access tab, and click on the Relay button. 

To be clear, this is not a bug with our software, but an issue with configuring the settings to work with your mail server.

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