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Licensing Virtual Machines - Images - Imaging and Restoring

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Question: We operate in a virtual environment. We test and image various machines and deploy them to a production environment. When we do this, it breaks the Report Runner licensing. What can we do?

Answer: We offer 4 ways to handle licensing in these environments:

1) If you have an activation license and your firewall is open, you can deactivate and re-activate a license at any time, and it's built into your licensing. It's unlimited. For example, if you have a 25 user site license of the Viewer, you can move those licenses around to any PC you like as long as you deactivate your unused licenses first. There is no cost to this, because you do not have to contact us to do this. It's all built into the Licensing Manager (under menu About Jeff-Net).

2) You can purchase additional testing licenses for your testing environments to activate during testing. As of July 1st, 2015, a free backup/test license is included with all licenses. You then deactivate the license before you delete ("blow away") the test environment, and you can re-activate that license on your next test machine. Test Viewer licenses are 50% off 1st year licensing (desktops or terminal servers), and renewals are the same, and test Batch licenses are $500/year.

3) For Report Runner Viewer (desktop/site licensing only, not Terminal or Citrix Servers), you can purchase a Desktop Infinity license.

4) We also offer our Infinity Suite licensing which is $6000/year. This licensing is unlimited licenses to all of our Windows licensing (Viewer, Batch, Event Server, and Web Portal). With this licensing, you get a special license that allows you to do anything. If you are a Viewer-only or Batch-only environment, we also offer a Viewer-Infinity or a Batch-Infinity license for $3000/year. You can read more about Infinity licensing here.


Additional information regarding temp and backup server licensing can be found here

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