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Licensing - Are There Any Additional Costs or Fees?

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Question: Other than your posted licensing costs and renewal costs (if not a lifetime license), are there ANY other costs or fees to be aware of?

Answer: In general, no. We include all licensing, support, and upgrades in our licensing costs, but there are three exceptions to this rule.


1) All basic pricing listed on website is based on "self service" web store purchases. We will generate invoices via email (and optionally mail invoices) and/or send a yearly updated, standard, signed 1099 with our tax ID in PDF format at no additional cost. If you require ANY other "paperwork" (mailed, faxed, and/or online/digital), there are additional costs (surcharges). Additional costs generally range from $250 to $5000 (or more). We will tell you up-front about these costs when you request the extra "paperwork". These costs are non-negotiable.

Examples of "paperwork" which incur a surcharge:

a. Vendor forms

b. Custom 1099 form (when you won't accept our standard 1099)

c. Proof of business forms

d. Government registration forms

e. Reseller quotes (resellers see this link for additional information)

f. Non-disclosure agreements (NDA)

g. Legal forms

h. Tax forms

Why are there surcharges? Because time costs and professional fees for the above examples are not included in our standard, self-service, web store pricing. We sell our products for a very fair price, based on self-service orders from our web store. Many additional forms require management review, legal review (attorneys) and/or CPA review and research. It's very time consuming and costly. We could charge $25,000-$50,000 per year for our software and fill out random forms and requirements at no charge, or we could handle it like we do... charge extra for companies or organizations that require additional paperwork on a per-customer basis.


2) We utilize a licensing server ( that handles the majority of our licensing. It allows you, the end user, to deactivate your license on one machine and activate it on another. Some customers, though, have firewalls that do not allow licenses to be activated this way, so we must manually assign licenses to individual machines (known internally as a "lock to machine" license). The costs to do this are covered in the initial license or renewal, but it is not covered if you need to move the license to another machine later. In this case, there is a small licensing fee to move the license from one machine to another. Let us emphasize though, this is only for machines that your company has blocked Report Runner from activating over the Internet. We are not charging to move your license. We are charging because it's requires us to manually generate a new licensing key and work with you to deactivate the old license.


3) Chargebacks - Disputed Credit Card Charges ($99)

If you or someone at your company initiates a credit card dispute for a valid credit card charge, there is a $99 fee (attached to your next renewal invoice). When this happens, we have to "jump through hoops" to justify the charge (contact credit card company, provide proof of valid charge, provide contact information). If our credit card processor charges us for additional fees, those additional fees will be added to the $99 fee.

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