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Legacy Price Increase and Migration Policy - August 2012

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Effective August 1, 2012, we have increased pricing of legacy software (versions 8.5, 10, 11, and 2008). We are increasing prices to cover additional costs of licencing time and support. There are no additional licensing costs to move to the new release (currently 2012).

The newer software (beginning with the 2011 version shipped February 2011) has been available for over three years, and our current 2013 version (shipped January 2013) is very stable. If you use version 9 or later of Crystal Reports, there is no reason not to upgrade to 2013. Version 8.5 customers who still use Crystal 8.5 or previous should probably stay on the 8.5 edition, but you will never be able to move onto the newer operating systems (please read this article for more information) as long as you're on 8.5.

Since shipping 2011, 2012, and 2013, we have made it very easy to upgrade by issuing parallel licensing. 90% of our customers have already upgraded, but there are 10% still hanging on to the legacy software. For Viewer users, there is simply no reason not to be using the new Viewer. Viewer migration is painless, quick, and there are a number of new features (easy mailing of reports, auto-close, auto-refresh, maximized report windows just to name a few). Batch migrations take a little more effort, but are well worth it, because of new features like uploading to Sharepoint, SSL/TLS/SMIME support for mailing, multi-user support, parameter/SQL bursting, tons of keywords/variables, SQL-based expressions, and memory management, just to name a few. We've greatly enhanced the messaging and debug logs, too, so support is much, much easier.

From now until end of life for legacy edition, legacy renewals now incur an additional $500/year cost (it's in addition to your normal license renewal costs).

If you would like to migrate and you already have a legacy license that has time left on it, contact us for a 2013 license and we will set it to the length of time you have left on your legacy license.

If you renew after August 1, 2012, we will issue your organization a full 2013 license and a two month license to the legacy version (unless you want to pay the additional $500/year to remain on the legacy version).

If you have additional questions regarding this, please contact us here by opening a support ticket.

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