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Jobs/Reports Are Failing - My Parameters Are Not Being Used

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I've typed values into the Parameters window from the Job window in Report Runner Batch. The report is failing, and it appears to not be using what I typed in.


You're typing the values into the drop-down lists. Those drop-down lists are what we refer to as Expressions and Constants, and they are displayed based on the datatype of the parameter. Do not type manual values into the drop-down lists.

What you want to do is use the OTHER field/space, NOT the drop-downs. The drop-downs are ONLY for the expressions. The other spaces are for manual entries.

 How do I fix this, because where I'm supposed to enter parameters is greyed out?

Now, once you choose an expression it gets a little tricky to undo it, because by default, you can not then type into the other space.

Here are the steps to fix this:

1) Clear each drop-down selection; just click into it and delete whatever you selected
2) Un-Check/Un-Select the checkbox
3) Re-Check/Re-Select the checkbox
4) THEN you can type into the other fields

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