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I don't have internet access and my report seems to take a long time to run. What could be the problem?

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On a machine with no internet access, when trying to run a report, it is taking a long time and it seems like it is locked up. I have other PCs without internet access, and the report opens and runs quickly on them. What could be the problem?


Depending upon where in the process it is "locking up", it could be that is the initial loading of the Crystal engine taking that long. Sometimes it's the machine itself (speed of CPU and memory) or many times it's a certificate verification issue. You can rule out the certificate issue with one or more of the following:

1. Provide access to the VeriSign web server, by providing an open Internet connection and opening up the system's firewall to allow the VeriSign server query to succeed.

2. Disable Certificate Revocation Checking for the entire system. This can be accomplished by unchecking the "Check for publisher’s certificate revocation" option on the Advanced tab of Internet Options. Internet Options can be accessed the Control Panel or from the Tools menu item of the Internet Explorer browser.

3. Manually download the Certificate Revocation List from VeriSign at and install it on the system. The CRL is valid only for 10-15 days, so unless the system is able to update the file after this time, the same issue will be encountered in the future.

Please note, this is an SAP Crystal Reports security "feature", and it's not something we can disable with our software.

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