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I am a customer... can I get a temp license for testing or a license for a backup server?

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Question: I am a current customer using Report Runner Batch... can I get a temp license for testing or a license for a backup server?

Answer: First off, when you install our software on a new machine for the 1st time, it will run for 3 unique (not sequential) days without contacting us (it's actually 4 days, but don't tell anyone). Most testing can be done on a new machine during that timeframe, too. In terms of needing to restore to a new machine because another machine failed, the same applies.

That said, if you really need a temporary license to do testing for a much longer period, you can purchase it month-to-month for just $50/month. If you prefer a fulltime backup license, for Advanced, Unlimited, GREEN, and Enterprise licenses of Report Runner Batch, the cost for a 2nd backup server license is just $500/year.

As of July 1st, 2015, a free, backup/test license is INCLUDED in your licensing. This backup license is NOT meant to license a 2nd production machine. It is meant for using on a backup or test server. It can also be used to get up and running on a new machine in an emergency.


Additional information regarding licensing virtual environments can be found here

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