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How To Use Our Automatic Report Viewer (for Crystal Reports)

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Our Automatic Report Viewer is a way to automatically display Crystal Reports with saved data, looped, on a timed basis. Many customers use this feature on help desk or "war room" monitors to keep track of important stats. It's a really simple way to monitor metrics from live report data. The reports are automatically updated on a scheduled basis using our Report Runner Batch product, so they can be updated every 5 minutes, every hour, once a week... whatever schedule you desire! You simply generate all of the reports you want to view to a single directory. That's it. Load our automatic viewer, and it just works!


There are three command line options. These are the ONLY options. These command line options should NOT be combined with the Report Runner Viewer command line options.

Here are the command line options used to call Report Runner to automatically display Crystal Reports (RPT files) with saved data:

jnAutoReportViewerDirectory - full path to a directory or a sub-directory where you will store your RPT files with saved data (created using Report Runner Batch)

jnAutoReportViewerSeconds - seconds to display report before loading another report (all reports loop automatically); to exit the viewer, just press ESCape button

jnAutoReportViewerZoom - zoom value of Viewer (any percentage value works, just like Crystal Reports; 1=default; 2=full page)

NOTE: The order in which reports are viewed is alphabetically. The report files in the directory are read in and sorted by file name.


Sample command line:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Jeff-Net\Report Runner\Report Runner Unified.Exe" jnAutoReportViewerDirectory=c:\MyAutoReports jnAutoReportViewerSeconds=10 jnAutoReportViewerZoom=100


Licensing Information:

This automatic viewer is a FREE add-on for our Report Runner Batch customers.


This feature became available as of version 2013.96 of Report Runner Batch.

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