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How To Stop or Pause Report Runner Batch Schedules and Reports From Running

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Question: I would like to disable all scheduled reports from running. How can I disable all reports running until further notice?



In your JNRRB.INI file, near the top, you should see this:

'OFF=Nothing can start
'HOLD=Batches can start, but they won't run till taken off hold (set back to ON)

Option 1: Change the setting to OFF. With this setting, you will still see the schedule/executable start when scheduled, but it won't do anything, it will simply exit without running the batch. It will still generate log files, too (showing the system status and exiting).

Option 2: Change the setting to HOLD. With this setting, you will still see the executable start and hang/sleep/wait until you set the system back on.

When you're ready to run batches again, you can set it back to ON.

If you do not know where the JNRRB.INI file is located, please see this KB article:

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