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How To Merge Multiple Reports Into One XLS or XLSX File And Name Tabs

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  1. Add all your reports/jobs to a single batch.
  2. Set them all for File output to XLS or XLSX (whatever you're looking for); easiest to stay with default output directory, but be sure and give the output files unique names
  3. Set/Name the tab names (red field) on each to whatever you want
  4. In the lower right corner of window, set the sort order (number each one sequentially) in the order you want the tabs
  5. Save the batch and name the XML file; this will enable the INI button in the main interface
  6. Click the INI button and right-click to select the settings below...



XLSOverrideFileName=C:\Whatever Directory\Whatever FileName.XLS


Optionally, if you're wanting to email the merged file, set these settings...

XLSEmailList=list of email addresses separated by a semi-colon
XLSEmailSubject=subject of email


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