How To Fix A Catastrophic Error When Trying To Start Report Runner

Problem: You're trying to start Report Runner Batch or Report Runner Viewer, and you're getting a catastrophic error. Because you can't start the application, you can't see the log file to determine what's wrong.

What's Wrong: The application is unable to start, because DLLs that the application depends on can not be found. These are not DLLs the application would have done anything with. More than likely, someone uninstalled or modified the Crystal runtime engine. This can happen if you uninstall another Crystal-based application, and the application uninstalled the Crystal runtime engine. Note, we never remove the Crystal runtime engine if you uninstall Report Runner. There are too many other apps that utilize the Crystal runtime engine, and we consider it reckless and dangerous to remove it.

Steps To Fix The Issue: Try the following steps one-at-a-time to fix the issue. Try one step, then retry restarting Report Runner. If it doesn't work, and you get the catastrophic error again, move to the next step. We promise one of them will correct the issue.

Step 1: Update your Report Runner software. Download and install the latest update (the updater). Do not download the full installer.

Step 2: Look at Add/Remove Programs applications in the Control Panel of Windows. Look for SAP Crystal Runtime Engine for .Net. If you can't find it, that's the problem. Someone uninstalled it. Go to Step 2a. If you do see it, you need to remove it and clean it up, because it has become corrupted. Go to step 2b.

2a: Download and install the Crystal runtime engine using this link:

2b: Remove and clean up the existing Crystal runtime engine, reinstall the Crystal runtime engine, and rerun the Report Runner updater following these steps:

- Remove:

- Reinstall:

- Rerun the updater downloaded in Step 1.


That's it. That should fix most any catastrophic error when Report Runner has been previously running "just fine".

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