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How To Debug Email Errors and Issues

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First off, make sure you've configured your mail settings. If you've never configured them, mail will not work at all. In Report Runner Batch, go to your Global Options/Settings, and click the Mail tab. Follow the instructions and TEST your mail settings. Here is a video on configuring your mail settings in Report Runner Batch:

In Report Runner Viewer, you configure your mail settings from the viewer window (click on Mail the Report, Settings).


Note, before reading through the various topics below, first, go back and check/TEST your mail settings. In Report Runner Batch, when you test your mail settings, the software looks for specific errors and provides feedback and alternatives.


So you've configured mail or are trying to configure your mail and getting errors. Here is a list of errors/problems with sending mail and how to fix them:


Problem: Exchange server will not send mail.

Answer: Make sure you're NOT entering an ID and Password for your settings. Most Exchange servers do not require this and (for whatever reason) do not work even if the ID and password are correct. If you've already done that and mail will still not send, make sure your Exchange server is configured to allow for mail via SMTP.


Problem: Login settings seem correct, but mail will still not send.

Answer: You probably have a firewall or anti-virus type software that is blocking our software from sending mail and/or connecting to your mail server. In the log file, after the email error, you'll see a Chilkat log displayed. Look for "WSAEWOULDBLOCK" message in the log file. That indicates the mail server is being purposely blocked. Norton Anti-Virus and McAfee are notorious for blocking port 25 and showing no indication that it's doing so. Your server may also not want the default port of 25 used. Some mail servers (like GMAIL) send mail via port 587.


Problem: Mail sends in Report Runner Batch when I test the mail settings or run the batch manually, but it fails when it's scheduled.

Answer: The Windows Scheduler does not have access to send mail on your server. You might try scheduling the batch using your Windows ID and password and not the System account. If that doesn't correct the issue, speak with your mail administrator to make sure Windows Services are not blocked from accessing the mail server.


Problem: A long running batch sends mail out just fine for multiple jobs then errors out.

Answer: While not common at all, we do occasionally see mail servers stop responding to our software. Not sure if the mail server "thinks" it is being spammed and stops or what. Either way, this is not a bug in our software. All email is sent the exact same way. There is not a bug in our software that suddenly stops working with your mail server. Additionally note, Report Runner Batch will automatically retry sending mail 5 times before failing (pausing 30 seconds between attempts).


Problem: A long running bursting batch fails due to a bad or missing email address

Answer: In your batch-specific INI settings, add the setting to [Options] group of NoFailOnBurst=YES. If you do this, be sure and add the End of Batch Notification Report to your batch, and set the output options to Mail and PDF (and email yourself). This will attach a status report and any bursting errors that occur will be attached as well in a separate log file so you know which bursting values had bad email addresses (and you can fix and rerun manually).


If none of the issues above resolve the problem, speak with your email administrator and let them know what's not working. They should have access to mail logs/security logs that show our software trying to send mail and why it's not being allowed.


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