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How Do I Set Up My GMail SMTP Server?

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How do I set up or configure my GMail SMTP Server for Report Runner Viewer or Report Runner Batch?



  1. Set your SMTP server to whatever it is (
  2. Set your email account to whatever it is (
  3. Set your email account name to whatever it is (Bob Jones)
  4. Set your authentication ID to your email account (
  5. Set your authentication Password to your email account password
  6. Set your mail port to 587
  7. Set SSL to 0 (off)
  8. Set TLS to 1 (on)
Note, for Report Runner Viewer you will need to set the port, SSL, and TLS within the JNRRV.INI file (MailPort=587, MailSSL=0, MailTLS=1) found under the [Options] group.


We have also provided the Google article linke below that contains the information needed to set up your GMail SMTP Server settings.


Note, in Report Runner Batch, you have the option to save Sent email. You should disable this option if using GMail. Google states that sent emails via SMTP are automatically saved.

See "Another email client" settings in the article.

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