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How do I get my CSV export to be the same in Report Runner Batch as it is in Crystal Reports?

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If you have a report being sent as a CSV file via Report Runner Batch (JNRRB) and have the problem where the report has " around the text fields. When you output the file to CSV from Crystal there are no speech marks at all in the file.

And you even have tried all the CSV options in Report Runner Batch (JNRRB) but they all put speech marks in the output. How do you get Report Runner Batch (JNRRB) file to output the same results as Crystal Reports file has?


Based on those results, we believe you (or someone else) may have preset export options in the RPT file itself, and the runtime engine is unable to override these. We consider this a bug in the Crystal runtime engine. We are waiting for SAP to provide a fix for it. Let us explain...

Open your report in Crystal Reports, and go to File, Export, Report Export Options. This window actually saves/hardcodes the export options for the report. If you save report export options here, they can NOT be overridden by Report Runner Batch (JNRRB). Crystal Reports will override them, but the runtime engine can not. It just ignores whatever we set. And we can prove it...

For one, make a copy of your report that's not working, go into the Crystal Reports export options, and remove the quotes there -- set what you want it to be. Save the RPT, update your job in JNRRB, and rerun the job. You'll see it exports with what you just saved.

Next, create a quick report from scratch, it can even be based on the same datasource. Test preview in Crystal Reports to make sure it works, but stay out of the Export Options settings. Next, go to JNRRB and set up an export job. Set the delimiters to whatever --- I like to use X and Z just for emphasis. Run the job. You'll see that it exports correctly. Next, go back into JNRRB and set both fields to N. You'll see it honors that entry now.




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