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Custom Scheduling And/Or Running A Batch On Specific Dates

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You need to schedule a batch to run on multiple random dates or you need to schedule a batch in a very custom way that we do not make easily available in our Scheduler interface.


You'll need to create a CUSTOM schedule. This is how to do it. In the Report Runner Batch Scheduler...

1) Create NEW schedule for Batch
2) Select CUSTOM
3) Enter any future date and save with Windows credentials (note the Jeff-Net ID of the schedule)
4) Click Open Windows Scheduler button
5) Find the ID of custom schedule
6) Modify the properties in the Windows scheduler for that task and set up/add your custom run dates

Using the Windows Scheduler interface, you can set most any kind of random scheduler settings you can imagine. You can create multiple triggering scenarios, too. The "Custom" schedule option in the Report Runner Batch interface allows you to make a custom schedule, but still see what schedule ID goes with what Batch XML file.

Remember, you'll need to make a note for yourself to modify at the beginning of each year.


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